Monday, November 18, 2013

26 things about 26

•Clubs are too loud
•I'm going to let my grey hairs stay because I think I'm cool enough to pull it off.
•I'm not at all cool enough.
•Concerts are too loud.
•I think a lot about savings accounts.
•Sirens are too loud.
•I budget for things like therapy and home renovations.
•Vacuum cleaners are too loud.
•I am obsessed with vacuum cleaner reviews and trying to find the perfect vacuum for the best price.
•I use anti-aging moisturizer.
•My kids are too loud.
•I can't find boot socks in any store, likely because boot socks are totally two winters ago.
•I still want some anyway.
•The mall is too loud.
•I call 24 year olds "kids".
•I make my bed.
•Motorcycles are too loud.
•Motorcycles are also basically a death sentence.
•30 is a real, actual number.
•I wear a puffer coat and I don't give a fuck.
•I gain 5lbs for every chicken finger I eat.
•I don't like to run in the winter mostly because I'm afraid to slip.
•Movies are too loud.
•I cry at every one of my child's school assemblies, and I haven't pinpointed why.
•School assemblies are loud.
•I have bags under my eyes. Always.

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