Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dresser Scare

After a lot of extra cuddles and a bit of a post-bedtime breakdown on my part, I am ready to say this, if you have a dresser or a bookshelf in your home with small children - you MUST secure it to the wall. We've all heard it, and probably lots of you are proactive and sensible enough to have already ensured that your home is safe in this respect. I wish I could say the same.

Before I start - we are all safe and unhurt for the most part. But it could have ended very differently and I, for one, am guilt ridden.

We were all in my bedroom with Nana on FaceTime. Elise and I were on the bed and Tessa was playing around on the floor. I heard a noise and in an instant saw the tall dresser (with a giant, old tv on top, so ashamed to say) tipping over almost as if in slow motion. I just knew she was under it. I got to it in time to stop it from falling completely onto her, with the help of the bed also in it's path. The tv came crashing over my right side into another dresser and then the floor. All of the drawers opened onto her, but none of the weight of the dresser hit her, and I was able to stand it up. The worst part is that she kept apologizing! She thought Daddy would be mad about the tv, bless her little heart.

I can't even believe it happened. She wasn't climbing on it, just trying to reach a Barbie shoe that was sitting on top of it. I am sick to my stomach thinking about if I hadn't been right there. I'm more thankful for a jarred knee, broken tv and two fucked up dressers than you could ever imagine. So just strap them to the wall, ok? Because you don't want to feel how I feel right now, or worse.