Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stay you.

When you asked to cut your hair this Spring, I hesitated. I wanted to beg you not to. It's so fine and it grows so slowly. But I reminded myself to let you be you, and off we went to the salon. I liked the cut, but I couldn't have prepared myself for how grown up it made you seem. You loved it. I thought it would be a phase, and you'd let it grow back out, but no. You wanted it cut again before your birthday. I dig that, kiddo. I think it's really fricken sweet how you know what you like.

 photo DSC_1369_zpsa3824b27.jpg

 You choose to play the piano and to join the swim team, even when all your friends choose dance or gymnastics or soccer. Your favourite color is green, and you listen to some of the coolest music on the planet. You think it's pretty much the luckiest thing ever that you have a freckle on your right hand, because it's a constant reminder for you of what's left and what's right. You love your friends, and your sister and your Daddy and your Nana all so big. We feel it Babe, we know your love and we are grateful.

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You weigh 41lbs. You ride in a booster seat in the car now, and you are super proud of it. You learned how to swim AND how to ride your bike without training wheels this summer! You read better than some adults. Like, seriously child, you have a gift. You've had a slightly loose tooth for months, and you are getting so impatient waiting for it to fall out. You are FUNNY! And it's because of how smart you are. You can make up a fierce pun on the fly, kid. You are still fidgety, and you probably always will be. Fidgety body, fidgety soul. I'll take the credit for that when you're ready to lay blame.

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We made a big decision together about your school this year. You chose to give up your friends, and all the familiarity of last year, and switch to a different school - just so you can learn to speak French. Someday you will know just how brave of a choice that was for a 5 year old girl to make. I am proud beyond measure.

As you embark on the adventure of French Immersion first grade, and you make bunches of new friends, and they think that One Direction is the coolest band, and that sparkly pink is the prettiest color - remember that it's okay. It's okay to disagree, it's cool even. Different is so good. You are special, you are are perfectly you, and that is especially perfect.

*Remember also, to wash your hands - every chance you get, with soap. And to be kind to every single person. No matter what, you treat everyone with kindness and an open mind. If someone does something that isn't kind, you forgive them, and treat them with even more kindness. 6 years old is too early to start giving up on people, okay Babe

You're going to do so well, you're going to be so great at this 6-year-old-first-grader thing.

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Love, Mama.