Monday, October 8, 2012


Obviously, you should stop believing me when I say I'll be back in a week to write about such and such. I'd like to blame the delay on a puppy chewed power cord for my laptop, but let's face it, it probably had more to do with priorities and procrastination.

But on that note - I DID IT! I ran the Melissa's 10K! I was really happy with my time and we had a beautiful weekend in Canmore. We got plenty of time to be Auntie and Uncle to Fiona and Cedric because Nana stayed in Sylvan with the girls, and they made us a precious welcome home sign (which I may have only very recently taken down).

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We feel so lucky to be able to go away for a couple of days and come home to our babies, feeling refreshed and, not to mention, to an immaculate house complete with empty laundry baskets and closets full of clean clothes! My mom actually apologized for not having washed the floors. Of course we promptly asked her to leave as punishment. :P Seriously though, such a great weekend.

 Our weather has been changing. Mornings are frosty, the trees are getting bare, the mittens and winter hats are out. We have been enjoying our puppy, and the girls don't mind bundling up to walk him in the mornings. Tessa and I are nestled in to our routine of 1 on 1 time Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Elise is, of course, happy as a clam in Kindergarten. She actually won an award in September for being an excellent school citizen, and this Mama may have cried when the award winners paraded into the gymnasium to "Eye of the Tiger". Just. So. Precious.

  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket She let me curl her hair for School Picture Day and now I want to curl it every day!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend complete with two turkey dinners, friends and family. Saturday night, our friends Amy and Dan hosted a potluck. The kids played, men watched sports, ladies gossiped and hogged appetizers in the kitchen. Then we had a fantastic meal, the kids decorated sugar cookies and played some more. It was epic times and I know my kids will remember it. On Sunday morning we drove to High River and my Aunt hosted 20 odd family members for another fantastic meal. (They're odd, I mean it.) Nothing makes me feel more cozy than knowing my babies are making cousin/friend/holiday memories and I LOVE a giant family gathering. We stayed late, drove home in the dark and jammied babies fell asleep almost instantly. Top 10 weekend. For sure.

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We had a lazy holiday Monday, and now lunches are packed, babies are sleeping, and Mumford and Sons are singing me a lullaby. I won't bother trying to say I'll be back in a week or two or whatever because, who knows, what if the dog chews through my new power cord or something crazy?! I will be back though. :)

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