Friday, October 14, 2011

This WILL be good.

for Julie, to read when she can't eat.

I have never waited for anything. I'm all about instant gratification. Unfortunately, sometimes I end up more disappointed than gratified. I've also, always got a "new, big idea", and while I'm the type to actually move forward, it usually ends up being something I wasn't sure I wanted in the first place and ends up causing more stress than it was worth.

Well, I'm making a change. I want something. So bad. I have more clarity than I've ever felt. I HAVE to wait for it. It's going to be really, really hard. Getting there, and waiting. I know it's right for me, I know it will be awesome. I'm terrified.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just Words for Elise.

Elise is sensitive, temperamental, soulful. She has a dainty frame and her hair is out of control. Her eyes are deep and wise. Photobucket

She'll choose purple even if everyone else chooses pink, because she knows it's ok to be different as long as you're true and happy. Her spirit is so much my own. Photobucket

She prefers soft, sweet music for driving. She thinks rain is special. She thinks the sun is the most special. Photobucket

There are so many things I hope she does. I hope she doesn't always over think, like her Mama. But I hope she over thinks sometimes, when it's big. (I'm over thinking that thought). Photobucket

I know she'll be accepting, and forgiving. But I hope she's not naive. I hope she has the time to make mistakes and figure out who she is rather than be forced to choose who she *needs* to be. Even if she'd make the right choice. I hope she always has as much fun as I do. I hope she has a best friend, who never lets her down. I hope she knows I will love her and stand up for her rights, ideas and decisions, unconditionally. I hope she always matches her hair bows to her socks, no matter what the rest of her outfit looks like, and I hope nobody ever makes fun of her for it. Photobucket

I hope she is confident. Photobucket

I hope she always knows that she changed my life for the better. Photobucket