Thursday, May 9, 2013

Really Good.

I'm procrastinating. But I need to take a break and go to my happy place. And I want to take you with me. *arm scoop* C'mon.

We went to the beach today. Twice.

The beach, you guys. And we were hot and it was sunny and the water was calm and beautiful and ice-free. At first I thought we'd just stop by our little secret spot to check up on it before we had to pick Elise up from school. Let me tell you, it became more than that. It became some sort of spiritual, sedative, intimacy. I sat on that beach, and stared into that still water and took it all in like I might never have the chance to do either, ever again. I reconnected with our water, but also with myself, and isn't that always such a relief? To touch base with your heart and your mind and your body, all in just a short time? And say "Great, we're all here, let's focus everything, in these moments, on being really happy and humble." It's a relief to me, anyway.

And my sweet and thoughtful beach baby? It was like she had never left. Like winter had never happened and she'd been there every day before, splashing, wading, and gathering wet sand and sticks. As I was watching her play, she looked up at me and said "Are you having peace and quiet Mommy?" Oh yes Babe. This. Is. It. And I'm having it.

 photo IMG_9599_zps2abe1371.jpg

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 *At one point I put her sunglasses on and she, quite genuinely, told me "Those fit you really good! But not really really good." Can you imagine if you lived in a mindset where me, wearing child-sized Minnie Mouse sunglasses was really good? As if "really good" was as bad as it ever got?*

We drove with bare, sandy feet, to pick up Elise and then home to grab our beach toys and we were back at our spot before we'd been gone 20 minutes. We stayed for another 2 hours, and I wish we hadn't needed dinner and had been able to stay as long as the sun. There will be many more hours and days spent this way, and for that, I'm so so grateful.

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