Thursday, October 7, 2010


I could write the greatest, perfectly researched thesis based on what this one word means to me alone. I have been unearthing it my whole life. All the good, and all the bad - I'm glad for it all and I mean it. I don't have time to write my thesis - not today anyway - I have way too much relishing to do.

First up on the Thankful for/Enjoying list this week is my Grandma's clean bill of health. Her EKG was clear of damage that her heart attack may have caused. And although she acts like she knew all along, my family and I all breathed a giant thankful sigh as she poked fun and made jokes about how silly we were to have been worried at all. The girls, Matt and I are so glad to have spent a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend with family at her home this weekend. We relaxed, sports were watched, babies were cuddled, read to and payed with, some serious card game slander was thrown around, but most of all - we ATE. It was just the way holidays should happen.

Next up, as if we didn't already know - "Elise is quite an intellect". A quote from her teacher this morning before she told me a story about how she had planned an activity for the kids involving name tags. They were to tell her which letter their names started with and then decipher from there, which name tag on the table read their own name. She explained that she was just barely helping the first child when Elise got impatient and grabbed her own tag off the table and said, a bit annoyed "E-L-I-S-E". I don't know WHERE her boldness comes from...

And, as cliche as it may be, I am thankful for the 4 chocolate brown eyes I wake up to every morning. And the blue ones that get up before me everyday, even weekends - when he gets his own, deserved dose of those 4 big browns.

No pictures this post. I forgot my camera at my Gram's - but I will update with Thanksgiving photos this weekend.