Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a little check in.

Sorry to have left you with nothing but that dresser incident for nearly a month!

I wish I could say we've been so busy, too busy to sit down and write. The truth is, we've kind of just been hanging out. Easter came and went without too much to talk about. The girls had lots of fun, of course, and we had my mom and cousin down for the weekend, but it was pretty low key.

Elise's Spring Break is coming up the last week in April and we have plans to head to Edmonton and there will be lots of experiences to be had, I'm sure. I told the girls we could do anything they wanted that week, eat at a fancy restaurant, go to the museum, the art gallery, anything. You know what they want to do? Take the bus. They are most excited to ride the city bus... I can't say I'm as thrilled, but we'll be sure and try it out. My silly, small town kids. Maybe we'll take the LRT for a real thrill!

Anyway, we are just trucking along, waiting for nice weather. We have so many fun things coming up over the next few months, it's hard not to wish the time away! I'll be back to blog about our week 's adventures around the end of the month, if not sooner.

Happy Thursday!

 photo IMG_8846_zpsd357c39c.jpg
The girls got these straw glasses in their Easter baskets and they have been a huge hit. And our precious Guinness, down in the corner. Our poor puppy went missing from our yard on Tuesday and hasn't been since. We are hoping the hope.