Monday, January 14, 2013

La Cabane a Sucre.

On New Years Eve, Cheryl and I were talking about Bonhomme Carnaval and La Cabane a Sucre. When we realized that the boys had no idea what we were referring to, we decided it must have only been a French Immersion thing - (I just assumed the whole Elementary school would have participated).

I decided right then that since neither of my girls will be in FI, I would make this awesome treat for them at home!

After Cheryl posted about the Deep Freeze Festival in Edmonton this past weekend - I was inspired! We did a Cabane this morning and the girls LOVED it! Elise said it was "the best thing she ever had, ever". We had fresh snow falling, but that isn't really necessary. Making the candy is super easy. Heat about 3/4 cups of real maple syrup to about 230F, and quickly poor into packed snow. You should be able to roll the candy up on a popsicle stick, hand them out and let the kiddos have at 'er! We will definitely be making this an annual thing in our home.

There was a moment of panic when she realized it was stuck STUCK to her mitten, but I was able to save the day - thank goodness.

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  1. Love that you did this! Next year we'll see you at Deep Freeze for sure!