Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elise in Wonderland

Parties are totally my thing - I love to plan, create, and imagine the most fantabulous celebrations into life. And since having my girls - it has only become more of a passion. So, we go big. Any of my close friends and family will tell you that I start planning the next one just after (sometimes before :P)the present one has gone off without a hitch. I am thinking horses for Tessa in January... But that's another post altogether and THIS one is about Elise's third birthday party.
(It seems so surreal to type that and know that it has come and gone).

In about March, Elise watched Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland for the first time. Since then she has watched it about 450 other times. I had already been thinking Tea Party for her third, and so when she fell in love with Alice - the idea came together like avocado and cream cheese. I spent hours outsourcing (read: searching the internet for other people's awesome Mad Hatter Tea Party ideas) cool things to make the party really super special. In the end, there was a red carpet (read - red plastic table cloth roll) up our walkway to our door, Alice inspired signage, giant playing cards, paper lanterns, Red and white roses splattered with red paint, "eat me" signs in the tea sandwiches and a most fantatstic Topsy-Turvy birthday cake with a teapot on top care of my great friends at Creative Cakes.!/pages/Edmonton-AB/creative-cakes/152945649022?ref=ts
Check Spelling Check Spelling

My girl was soooo excited to dress up in her Alice outfit. Tessa was The Cheshire Cat and my crazy, nobody-else-would-put-this-together-just-to-get-a-smile-out-of-their-girl awesome Grandma and Auntie Pat dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, my cousin Carol and her sweet girl Isabel were the pink flamingo and hedgehog and my Mom was the queen of hearts. Too. Much. They were all priceless and, as usual, aided in creating some precious memories for my girl.

She had the best time, with all her little friends and her big friends too. She loved each and every gift, her cake, and her smile makes the work seem like nothing. She is already talking about her next party. It went something like this- her~ "And for my party, I will get a TonkBack Racer" (read Tonka Bounceback racer) ~me "Honey, it already was your party and you got plenty of wonderful things" her~ "No Mom, my NEXT party"...

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