Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wedding Plans and a Delicious House Guest.

This is the slice of heaven we got to share our weekend with. She belongs to our friends Jeff and Cheryl but I'd have gladly kept her. In the 24 hours she was here she was upset a total of ZERO times. This babe is something special. Nothing but cuddles and smiles, not to mention - gorgeous. She took to her impromptu drawer-bed like a champ and slept like an angel. My girls are enamored with baby Fiona and, quite frankly, so am I.
In wedding planning news, Fiona's Mama (and bridesmaid), Cheryl and I looked at some dresses, cakes, floral arrangements etc. online during our visit - and I really feel like progress is being made! Bridesmaids will be in a buttery shade of yellow with baby's breath bouquets. Groomsmen in black tuxes with ivory ties and vests and yellow boutonnieres. Not quite sure on what type of flower. Matthew will be in a black tux as well, and likely a champagne vest and tie. My dress, of course, is Ivory. Table and chair linens will all be white and floral arrangements will be white/cream/ivory. It is coming together in my head and I am thankful for the peace of mind. And for the helpful insights of great friends. It will be such a great day. A small but special sample is in the song you hear as you read this post.

This will be an eventful week for the blog. Look forward to an emotional (read: Blubbering Mama) post Thursday evening about my reflection on the most magical 3 years of my life thus far, and likely another post Sunday evening about the events of Elise in Wonderland. I leave you with a taste of the magic that will be my baby's third birthday party.

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