Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As promised..

I'm back to tell you what my girl thinks of her new digs. Kindergarten, that is.

Since she only goes Tuesdays and Thursdays with the occasional Friday, she's actually only been 3 times. But the bell rings at 8:27 and we don't pick her up until 3:00, so the days are long. She comes home pretty much exhausted and barely makes it through dinner and bath. Her moods have been.... Trying. I anticipated all of this though, and we are just riding the wave of adjustment. The best part, is that she LOVES school. Her teacher is this precious little sprite, who is warm and welcoming - but runs a tight ship. (How could you not, with twenty-one 5 year olds in your care?!)

Photobucket Needing a Mama back rub on afternoon number 2.

Photobucket Homeworking.

The first day, she came home a bit upset over the whole concept of recess. At first she told us she didn't want to stop learning to go outside. And when we talked a little bit more about it, she added that there were "just too many kids out there. Like 600." Poor babe was just nervous. We talked about how some things just take getting used to, and that there are always parts of the day that won't be her favorite, but that they are parts of the day nonetheless. The second day, though, her best buddy was recovered from her sickness and met us at the doors. She had a much better time at recess, with Lila to play with. And we haven't heard a word about it since.
  PhotobucketPhotobucket Mrs. Cocks' favorite color is green. So is Elise's, now. ;)

These sisters have actually been loving on each other a lot more often since school started too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Whatever is it, this Mama's enjoying the frequent photo ops.
  PhotobucketMorning 2.

Photobucket Morning 3. Getting chillier.

Photobucket Photobucket

Tomorrow, after school, the girls both start dance classes again. They are excited and I am happily laying out leotards, tutus and tights and doing bun practice runs.. I love that my girls love dance.

I'll be back later this week to talk about the Liebster Blog Award, and this lady, who sweetly passed it to Flaird from her own fantastic blog about family and business, here.

Photobucket Happy Hump Day.

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