Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not entirely a Lame-o

If you want to read about the kids today, don't go any further. I'm going to talk about myself. I can't promise it will be interesting, but you'll probably guffaw at least once. Unless you have no soul, but then, your boring ass probably wouldn't be here in the first place - would it?

 Anyway, yesterday my friend and I were whining about how it seems like everyone else has something that they are great at and how we're just lame-os who suck at most everything. So, to try and console myself I spent the whole night pondering my "skills". Here's what I came up with.

 Yes, it took all night.

  Are you ready for this? I'm good at music. Not like reading, or writing, or theorizing. Or anything that would typically define being good at music. I have flawless taste, I rock at sourcing new artists. Now, I'm not saying that everyone would consider everything I love to be awesome, but I'd put a money-back-guarantee that you could find at least a dozen songs on my iTunes that you'd want to put on your iPod. Probably a mix of stuff you used to love and forgot about, and stuff that you didn't know existed.

 When Anissa was breaking up with her fiance, (yeah, I just went there - Love you!) I was sitting in her living room amidst several open boxes of chocolates and tissues alike, and I asked her what she needed to listen to. Totally determined to find and download anything my Bestie wanted to hear. Something that made her cry, or laugh or reminisce. Anything. She said "Nothing Jules, that's your thing. I don't want to hear anything." My poor baby. :( She's right though. I need it on. All the time. And it needs to suit my mood. I'm high maintenance drama. I will purposefully put on an album that will bum me out if I need to cry. Instead of trying to brighten my spirits with something quirky. I indulge myself. But now we're not talking about being good at things any more, not good at good things anyway.

 I like music that sounds good. It's so simple. From catchy melodies, to quality production and great speakers, to beautifully strung-together lyrics. Of course, it sometimes runs deeper than those things, a unique voice, words that I relate to, or a new project from an artist I've been loyal to. But generally, if it sounds good, I'm in.

 As for sourcing new music, I can't give away all my secrets, because I'm greedy and selfish and I like to be the one with the great discoveries :p. I will tell you that if you like a particular artist - find out what that artist listens to and inspires from. Oh, and have friends with great taste who also enjoy sourcing and sharing. So that's that. I can string a written word to another, once in a while, and I have great taste in tunes. Yep, total catch! :) I'll leave you with a couple from my most-played.

"Betty" - Brooke Fraser 
"Cats and Dogs"- The Head and the Heart
"Early in the Morning"- James Vincent McMorrow
"Homewrecker"- Marina and the Diamonds
"Sunlight"- Modstep


  1. It's true, I love your recommendations!

    1. When you say "it's true", you're referring to the part where I said "I'm high maintenance drama" right?